What to Expect

Expect to be pushed, challenged, questioned, held accountable, and supported. Expect to become a better leader, a more efficient and effective guardian of your organization, and a more clear, purposeful individual. With executive coach Mike Harden, expect to see results that will make a measureable impact on your performance and that of your company.

Mike brings decades of experience in building companies, developing strategy, working in international markets, and leading at the executive level to his work with clients. But that is only part of the equation. His intuition and ability to connect, engage, and guide CEOs, Presidents, and other high-level executives towards solutions coalesce to create positive, lasting change.

The coaching process typically requires a minimum time commitment of 1.5 to 2 hours per month. Sessions will result in actionable items related to the clients’ goals and objectives. Progress will guide subsequent coaching meetings. The needs of the client are paramount: whether two sessions per month are required to work through a specific issue, or an executive wishes to retain coaching services on an as-needed basis, Mike’s approach remains convenient, flexible, and tailored to the clients’ needs.

Mike’s humanistic approach to coaching engages not just the role, but the person who fills it. Coaching will focus on the real issues that executives face, including challenges in their businesses, strengths on which they want to capitalize, or areas in which they want to grow and develop as leaders and individuals.

Expect to work hard; expect that it may be uncomfortable; expect not to get away with anything! But expect to have the support, guidance, advice, and knowledge of one of the most sought-after coaches in the DC area on your side as you go through the process.

Do You Need Executive Coaching?

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