Mike Harden’s White Paper: How To Hire Great Sales People

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The hard part about hiring for a sales position is that even mediocre salespeople do a terrific job selling themselves. Resumes and interviews are full of promises, record growth, and past quota-breaking heroics. On-the-job reality, though, is too often a very different story. Delayed deals, prospects dropping out of the pipeline, money and time wasted, opportunities missed. You’ve just bought yourself a lemon.

Sales is a crucial function in any organization, and you need competent, skilled staff to demonstrate to customers that you are the answer to their question. How do you hire the best salespeople? How do you accurately assess a candidate’s qualifications and ability? How do you get past the pitch?

It starts from the top. This white paper is designed to help CEOs, C-level executives, and business owners build the most powerful sales team possible. By assessing their hiring practices, implementing effective changes, and sharing this learning with hiring managers, leaders can bring the right people into the company, the people who just might be able to deliver on those record growth, quota-breaking promises. 

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Mike Harden

Mike Harden has developed exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge over his 40+ year career as an entrepreneur, executive, teacher, mentor, and coach. Today, as one of DC’s premier Executive Coaches, Mike helps good executives become great leaders. Find Mike on Google+

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