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Entrepreneur, CEO, COO, leader, mentor, teacher, coach. Over his 40 year career, Mike Harden has tackled these challenging roles with unwavering skill and passion. CEOs and top leaders benefit from his expertise, extensive executive experience, and ability to deliver solutions in these service areas:

Executive Coaching

As a seasoned executive, Mike understands that adjusting to the role of CEO is a trial by fire. Nothing prepares leaders for the enormity of their responsibility and the weighty knowledge that they cannot afford to make mistakes. He has spent countless hours coaching CEOs, Presidents, and business owners, providing them with the clarity, support, and confidence they need to make sound decisions for the organizations, lead with conviction, and capitalize on the opportunities for growth within their businesses and within themselves.

Mike’s client-centric approach focuses on the needs of the client both as a leader and as an individual. Coaching addresses the real issues facing executives, offering CEOs a testing ground on which they can develop and strengthen the decision-making, communication, and leadership skills that are so vital to their organizations’ future.

What to Expect with Executive Coaching


The knowledge, professionalism, integrity, and energy that are the hallmarks of Mike’s career as an executive and coach are evident in his role as speaker. He approaches the problems facing top-level executives with exceptional clarity and a profound understanding of an increasingly complex business landscape.

Using real-world examples and drawing on his extensive experience, Mike helps audiences explore how other companies have handled challenges, how they have succeeded, and how they have failed. Rather than regurgitating textbook theory, Mike offers insight honed over 20+ years at the CEO/President level, enabling executives to discover how they can guide their own organizations on a path of success.

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Vistage International, the largest peer-to-peer organization for CEOs in the world, has over 16,000 members in 15 countries. The role of CEO is often accompanied by isolation: it is an invaluable resource and an inestimable relief to connect with others who experience the same pressures, responsibilities, and challenges and who extend their experience and support.

 Members have the benefit of small peer-to-peer advisory boards, private coaching, expert workshops, and an extensive global network that allows them access to members all over the world.

 Mike is a Vistage Master Chair, facilitating CEO-level peer-to-peer meetings and provides one-on-one coaching for members.

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“Death by meeting” is an avoidable, and curable, affliction suffered by virtually every organization. Rather than leaving participants recharged, invigorated, and sure of their direction, too often, meetings drain the energy everyone in the room. Mike Harden offers facilitation and training that will transform meetings into productive, upbeat sessions that drive business objectives and engage employees and executives alike.

 The value of facilitation is having an external expert direct the meeting(s) and give those usually charged with running them the chance to participate. With the pressure off, they can learn from and with the group. Mike’s upbeat style encourages participation, while his zero-tolerance policy for rambling ensures that time is used to everyone’s best advantage.

By utilizing the techniques that Mike models in these sessions, executives can implement more productive, streamlined meetings in their workplace. 

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Strategic Management

Organizations today are under extreme short-term pressure to perform and their management teams find themselves unable to plan for more than a quarter or two. Mike’s expertise in strategic management (the ongoing approach to strategic planning) plays an invaluable role in focusing companies on the long-term objectives necessary to remain successful in a highly competitive world.

Developing a strategic plan is the easiest part of the process. Most companies that fail strategically, do so in the execution of the plan, not on the formulation of the plan. For this reason, Mike stresses the importance of execution and implementation, and provides the guidance and tools to manage the process through successful completion.

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