Achieving Success as CEO

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You have to work harder than ever before to meet the demands of your role as CEO. Mounting stacks of paper greet you every morning; competing priorities attend unending meetings with you; personnel issues line up outside your door; competitors wait for you to fail. It can seem like there is no room for success.

Mike Harden helps crowd out doubt, banish uncertainty, and make room for growth and achievement. Drawing on decades of executive experience, Mike has developed this resource to share his advice, best practices, and tips for achieving success as a CEO.

Does Activity Equal Results?

Mike Harden | | Operating with Vision

Performance is the end result of activity, but activity does not necessarily equal results. Have you ever had a sales rep who worked long hours, made hundreds of cold calls, sent out dozens of proposals, and hardly ever closed a deal? I think most of us have had someone like this working for us. They are […]

One Simple Conversation You Must Have With Problem Employees

Mike Harden | | Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems

I am often asked by CEOs about how to handle employees who don’t seem to care. These employees come in late to work, take excessive time off, and don’t always get along with their fellow employees. Sometimes, it’s even higher up (management team members). Obviously, you can threaten them with reprimands or termination, but different […]

3 Easy Ways to Stay Focused on the Future

Mike Harden | | Operating with Vision

A recent Harvard Business Review article* asks us to consider the great innovation stories of the past decade, such as Google, Netflix, and Skype, and to ask ourselves why wasn’t Google created by Microsoft? Netflix by Blockbuster? Skype by AT&T? These innovations didn’t come from established giants, but from newer, smaller companies. The explanation is […]

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Sabotage Your Company?

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems, Solving Problems

Years ago, when I was a young salesman, I sold commercial loan software to major financial institutions. I was calling on a department in a very large bank, attempting to convince a department manager that my software program would make his loan processing operation more efficient and less costly. As part of my pitch, I […]

6 Priceless Business Lessons to be Learned from Yellow Fever

Mike Harden | | Making Unpopular Decisions, Operating with Vision, Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

Outbreak In 1878, an outbreak of yellow fever occurred in the city of New Orleans. It quickly spread through the city and proved itself to be very deadly. Soon afterward, it began to spread up the Mississippi River basin toward the city of Memphis. In those days, no one knew what caused yellow fever (it […]