Achieving Success as CEO

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You have to work harder than ever before to meet the demands of your role as CEO. Mounting stacks of paper greet you every morning; competing priorities attend unending meetings with you; personnel issues line up outside your door; competitors wait for you to fail. It can seem like there is no room for success.

Mike Harden helps crowd out doubt, banish uncertainty, and make room for growth and achievement. Drawing on decades of executive experience, Mike has developed this resource to share his advice, best practices, and tips for achieving success as a CEO.

My Top 7 MUST READS for CEOs

Mike Harden | | Thinking Strategically

I am often asked what books I recommend for CEOs and executives who aspire to become CEOs. There are so many to choose from. Over 250,000 business books are in print. Laid on top of each other, that’s nearly four miles high. Obviously, narrowing it down to a select few is no easy task.  However, […]

Are Best Practices Harming You?

Mike Harden | | Thinking Strategically

Almost every CEO I coach tells me how they are following best practices for their industry. That’s great! Every company should be following best practices, but that doesn’t get you ahead. Think about this for a minute: if all of your competitors are following best practices for your industry, then everyone is doing the same […]

Do You Feel Lucky?

Mike Harden | | Operating with Vision

Have you ever wondered why some people seem so much luckier than others? We all know of the CEO or business owner who always seems to win the big sale, hire the best staff, or make money on deals that others run away from. We talk about how lucky he or she is. We also […]

What’s Your Plan B?

Mike Harden | | Operating with Vision

There is an old expression that says: “You never get hit by the bus you see coming.” It’s the one that you don’t see coming that will nail you. When we do our planning, we tend to look at obvious events, factors, or problems, and develop our strategic and tactical plans for those situations. That’s […]