Process & Getting Started

Coaching is a process designed to help executives realize their full potential and strengthen the skills and capacities necessary to guide their organizations effectively. Mike Harden takes a client-centered approach in which the individuals’ needs are explored and customized solutions developed to address the challenges and opportunities that high-level leaders face.

Initially, coaching focuses on these areas:

  1. Background. How did you come to be in your role today? Did you found the business? Were you brought in to run it? Do you have a technical background or a business background?
  2. Direction. Where do you want to take the company or your division over the next 2, 3, or 5 years?
  3. Personal Direction. In that time span, where do you want to be? What are your goals and aspirations?
  4. Challenges. What are the most pressing issues facing you today? What are the important issues you need to resolve? What problems are stymying you or causing you to stagnate?

Questions are a crucial element of the coaching process. Mike balances the need to let executives discover answers on their own with the ability to know when he can guide them towards viable solutions. Trust is the foundation of a successful coaching relationship; Mike’s experience, ethics, compassion, and ability to cut through the clutter to get at the root of problems enables executives to feel secure in seeking answers and developing their skills.

All clients bring unique sets of abilities, needs, challenges, and strengths to their organizations, and to the coaching process. Coaching addresses these, and uses them, so clients can achieve clarity, improve decision-making skills, communicate more effectively, and become stronger leaders.

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