Do I Need Executive Coaching?

If executives find themselves questioning whether coaching would be beneficial, odds are that it will be. There has been a paradigm shift in coaching in recent years: it is not focused on remediation but on development. Organizations offer coaching to their top talent, and to their most promising executives. It is not for those who have nothing to learn; it is for those who are willing, able, and eager to grow and become more effective leaders.

CEOs, COOs, Presidents, and business owners have unique challenges as a result of their roles. Executive coaching can address these issues and help individuals become stronger advocates and guides for their companies. Common issues that can be alleviated with coaching include:

Isolation. It’s lonely at the top; coaching can relieve isolation and provide a leader with a sounding board and trusted advisor. Complete confidentiality ensures executives can discuss sensitive issues freely.

Decision-Making. Because the coach is a third-party, there is no “yes-man” mentality. Mike offers unbiased advice and the opportunity for executives to discuss issues, clarify them, and make sound decisions for their organizations and themselves.

Accountability. As an outsider to the organization, Mike is able to hold leaders accountable for their decisions and actions, helping them follow through with initiatives and act from a position of strength.

It is the rare executive who does not face these challenges in his/her work and life. Virtually every leader can benefit from coaching – it is the mentality that makes all the difference. If you want to grow, if you have something to learn, if you see value in the experience and advice of a warhorse like Mike Harden, then you will benefit from executive coaching. 

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