Thinking Strategically

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CEOs are responsible for developing and driving strategy; ironically, they have little time to actually spend thinking strategically. This is a vital skill that touches every aspect of an organization, from employee performance and retention to best practices, profitability, and corporate culture.

When every decision has an impact on the whole, CEOs need the tools and capacity to think strategically and act with clarity and purpose.

6 Priceless Business Lessons to be Learned from Yellow Fever

Mike Harden | | Making Unpopular Decisions, Operating with Vision, Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

Outbreak In 1878, an outbreak of yellow fever occurred in the city of New Orleans. It quickly spread through the city and proved itself to be very deadly. Soon afterward, it began to spread up the Mississippi River basin toward the city of Memphis. In those days, no one knew what caused yellow fever (it […]