Thinking Strategically

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CEOs are responsible for developing and driving strategy; ironically, they have little time to actually spend thinking strategically. This is a vital skill that touches every aspect of an organization, from employee performance and retention to best practices, profitability, and corporate culture.

When every decision has an impact on the whole, CEOs need the tools and capacity to think strategically and act with clarity and purpose.

The Value of Conflicting Opinions on a Corporate Advisory Board

Mike Harden | | Thinking Strategically

When President Lincoln was choosing his Cabinet, he turned to his three fiercest Republican rivals – people against whom he’d run! – and top Democrats. Lincoln virtually assured that every meeting would erupt in conflict. And that’s exactly what he wanted. Author Doris Kearns Goodwin writes, “His Cabinet sessions were fiery affairs, but they provided […]

Never Mess With An Employee’s Pay

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Employee Problems, Thinking Strategically

Why do people wake up in the morning, fix their coffee, and go to their jobs? Maybe they’re passionate about their work; maybe they believe in what they’re doing; maybe they’re learning and developing before moving on to new opportunities. But likely, they have to pay their mortgage, put their kids through college, and save […]

Mike Harden’s White Paper: Understanding the Free Market System

Mike Harden | | Operating with Vision, Thinking Strategically

No one should ever doubt that the free market system is a wonderful mechanism that creates wealth, jobs, and goods. It is not some artificial device created by a smoke-filled room full of devious bankers. Instead, it developed and evolved naturally over thousands of years through the incessant desire of human beings to seek personal […]

Mike Harden’s White Paper: How To Hire Great Sales People

Mike Harden | | Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

The hard part about hiring for a sales position is that even mediocre salespeople do a terrific job selling themselves. Resumes and interviews are full of promises, record growth, and past quota-breaking heroics. On-the-job reality, though, is too often a very different story. Delayed deals, prospects dropping out of the pipeline, money and time wasted, […]