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Solving problems is the easiest thing in the world. As long as they are someone else’s problems. The complexity and pressure of business can make solutions seem out of reach. But as Albert Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Once we can frame the question in a way that makes sense, finding that solution becomes that much easier.

With Mike Harden’s advice and guidance, you will discover that you have the capability to find the answers you need.

Why Coaching Can Help Women Reach the Top

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Operating with Vision, Solving Problems

For every Ursula Burns, Indra Nooyi, Rosalind Brewer, and Mary Erdoes who makes it to the top of the corporate ladder, there are thousands of women struggling with the climb. In some corporate environments, women still carry the weight of traditional expectations, contradictions, and stereotypes. Executive coaching can be a valuable support system for some […]

Mike Harden’s White Paper: How To Hire Great Sales People

Mike Harden | | Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

The hard part about hiring for a sales position is that even mediocre salespeople do a terrific job selling themselves. Resumes and interviews are full of promises, record growth, and past quota-breaking heroics. On-the-job reality, though, is too often a very different story. Delayed deals, prospects dropping out of the pipeline, money and time wasted, […]

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Sabotage Your Company?

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems, Solving Problems

Years ago, when I was a young salesman, I sold commercial loan software to major financial institutions. I was calling on a department in a very large bank, attempting to convince a department manager that my software program would make his loan processing operation more efficient and less costly. As part of my pitch, I […]

6 Priceless Business Lessons to be Learned from Yellow Fever

Mike Harden | | Making Unpopular Decisions, Operating with Vision, Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

Outbreak In 1878, an outbreak of yellow fever occurred in the city of New Orleans. It quickly spread through the city and proved itself to be very deadly. Soon afterward, it began to spread up the Mississippi River basin toward the city of Memphis. In those days, no one knew what caused yellow fever (it […]