Resolving Employee Problems

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Your guidance and vision directs, inspires, and encourages your people to do their best each day. Or does it?

Recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining valuable employees are challenges that businesses have to surmount in order to succeed. How do you attract top talent? Diffuse personality problems? How do you promote creative and divergent thinking? How do you manage the management team? How do you effectively engage them?

Mike Harden invites you to explore these issues and develop the solutions that will transform employees from your biggest concern to your most powerful asset.

Never Mess With An Employee’s Pay

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Employee Problems, Thinking Strategically

Why do people wake up in the morning, fix their coffee, and go to their jobs? Maybe they’re passionate about their work; maybe they believe in what they’re doing; maybe they’re learning and developing before moving on to new opportunities. But likely, they have to pay their mortgage, put their kids through college, and save […]

Who’s Responsible When Someone Feels “Left Out” At Work?

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Employee Problems

According to a recent feature at, sixty-four percent of American employees report that they have been excluded from decisions, projects, and work activities by their supervisors or management teams.* Not surprisingly, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) finds that this behavior is far more prevalent in organizations with a “weak” ethical culture and low levels […]

What Are The Top Five Culture Breakers In An Organization

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Listen To Mike, Resolving Employee Problems

Apple and Google surpassed Microsoft. Why? Microsoft didn’t necessarily lack knowledgeable staff or technological capability: Microsoft invented the first tablet a decade ago. They brought sci-fi to life: OmniTouch, Gaze Control, muscle-controlled computers. It’s mind-boggling. Equally intriguing is why, with this level of creativity and invention, the company stagnates. Blame culture. Infighting, “stack ranking,” fiefdoms, […]

What Are The Top Five Culture Builders In An Organization?

Mike Harden | | Listen To Mike, Operating with Vision, Resolving Employee Problems

How does the US Army persuade Rangers to endure the hottest, coldest, wettest or driest conditions on earth? How do they convince them to tolerate hours of inactivity interlaced with minutes of heart-racing action; or to sacrifice time with their families? And how do they get them to feel honored to do so? It’s not […]