Resolving Conflict

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Conflict is a side effect of being human! It is healthy; it encourages divergent thought. Great arguments have been known to produce great innovation. But conflict has also been known to produce more conflict, disengagement, decreased productivity and profitability, and a workplace culture that is unable to support growth.

The difference between constructive conflict and destructive conflict: you. Your ability to handle discord is a litmus test for your ability to guide and lead a company.

Mike Harden is no stranger to dealing with conflict, and with this resource, you won’t be either.

Are You Encouraging Insanity In Your Company?

Mike Harden | | Making Unpopular Decisions, Operating with Vision, Resolving Conflict, Thinking Strategically

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But in business, insanity goes a step further. In business, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, and then making it a standard operating procedure for everyone to follow. One of the easiest […]

One Simple Conversation You Must Have With Problem Employees

Mike Harden | | Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems

I am often asked by CEOs about how to handle employees who don’t seem to care. These employees come in late to work, take excessive time off, and don’t always get along with their fellow employees. Sometimes, it’s even higher up (management team members). Obviously, you can threaten them with reprimands or termination, but different […]

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Sabotage Your Company?

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems, Solving Problems

Years ago, when I was a young salesman, I sold commercial loan software to major financial institutions. I was calling on a department in a very large bank, attempting to convince a department manager that my software program would make his loan processing operation more efficient and less costly. As part of my pitch, I […]