Operating with Vision

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Companies cannot grow past the boundaries of their leaders’ vision. When that vision is based solely on profit, the organization suffers. When it is based on outdated business models or faulty best practices, the organization suffers.

But when the CEO’s vision is aligned with strategic goals and objectives, when it is based on potential and opportunity instead of problems and doubt, and when it is inspiring and motivating to the people who are supposed to translate it into action, then watch out. This is a company that can dominate and a CEO who can lead.

6 Priceless Business Lessons to be Learned from Yellow Fever

Mike Harden | | Making Unpopular Decisions, Operating with Vision, Solving Problems, Thinking Strategically

Outbreak In 1878, an outbreak of yellow fever occurred in the city of New Orleans. It quickly spread through the city and proved itself to be very deadly. Soon afterward, it began to spread up the Mississippi River basin toward the city of Memphis. In those days, no one knew what caused yellow fever (it […]