It’s Not What You Do, But How You Do It

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CEOs make a lot of decisions, announce them, and then expect everyone to be on board and execute flawlessly. If only it were that simple. We often find our decisions are not implemented properly, flawlessly, or on time, and we can’t figure out why. Sometimes, it’s because we are too low-key. CEOs need to start […]

What Are The Top Five Culture Breakers In An Organization

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Apple and Google surpassed Microsoft. Why? Microsoft didn’t necessarily lack knowledgeable staff or technological capability: Microsoft invented the first tablet a decade ago. They brought sci-fi to life: OmniTouch, Gaze Control, muscle-controlled computers. It’s mind-boggling. Equally intriguing is why, with this level of creativity and invention, the company stagnates. Blame culture. Infighting, “stack ranking,” fiefdoms, […]

What Are The Top Five Culture Builders In An Organization?

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How does the US Army persuade Rangers to endure the hottest, coldest, wettest or driest conditions on earth? How do they convince them to tolerate hours of inactivity interlaced with minutes of heart-racing action; or to sacrifice time with their families? And how do they get them to feel honored to do so? It’s not […]

The Number One Political Trend Affecting Small Business Today

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Honeywell, Johnson&Johnson, Boeing, HP, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, Bank of America, and other corporations each employ hundreds of thousands of employees. But they are not the largest employers of American workers. The grocery stores, dry cleaners, mechanics shops, salons, and other small businesses peppering your neighborhood are. The 23 million small businesses in the US are the […]