Building Relationships

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The best plans, the best products or services, the best technology and equipment, and the biggest budgets don’t amount to much if you don’t have the best people. We hear about “human capital” and “talent management.”

What we’re really talking about is finding top people, cultivating them, encouraging them to do their best work, managing them effectively, and, if they are worth it, holding on to them for dear life. It isn’t money that keeps star employees or pushes companies to the next level. It’s relationships.

The Power Of The Apology

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships

It’s tough to say you’re sorry, isn’t it? That’s because most CEOs hate to admit that they made a mistake or that they have exhibited some bad behavior. It’s just not what CEOs do, right? Well, Good CEOs May Not Apologize, But Great CEOs Do The power of the apology is quite underrated by most of us. […]

Are You Allowing Your Employees to Sabotage Your Company?

Mike Harden | | Building Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Resolving Employee Problems, Solving Problems

Years ago, when I was a young salesman, I sold commercial loan software to major financial institutions. I was calling on a department in a very large bank, attempting to convince a department manager that my software program would make his loan processing operation more efficient and less costly. As part of my pitch, I […]