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CEOs work under the watchful eye of shareholders, boards, regulatory watchdogs, the media, and the public. Their successes are short-lived and their missteps magnified. There is little room for error, and no room for doubt, hesitation, or resistance to change.

Mike Harden understands the immense pressure and intense scrutiny; he has lived it, breathed it, and succeeded in spite, and because, of it. One of the Greater DC Area’s most sought-after executive coaches, Mike brings decades of experience to clients, helping them grow and develop into strong guides and guardians for their organizations.

Mike’s extensive global cross-industry experience and in-depth knowledge of business, corporate culture, finances, operations, strategy, and other key areas allows him to offer sound advice and unwavering guidance to CEOs, COOs, presidents, and business owners. His insight is critical in helping executives achieve personal and professional objectives, overcome challenges, conquer new ground, and lead with clarity and purpose.

As a Vistage Master Chair, Mike has worked with thousands of leaders and is renowned for his pragmatic, creative, no-excuse approach. He brings the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism to his executive coaching clients and to audiences. A powerful and respected speaker, Mike engages executive audiences on real-world topics – and viable solutions. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, clients can expect to walk away reenergized and armed with the tools required for success

Being a “good” CEO is not enough in today’s rapidly changing, unprecedentedly complex business world. Being great is the only option. Mike’s expertise, understanding, and ability to connect, question, and advise helps good leaders become great leaders.

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